Communication Policy

To make your interactions with your care team more efficient, please review our communication policies. This way, you know how to best use email and/or phone messages to get timely answers to your questions.

Above all, please recognize that email, phone or text messages are not meant to take the place of an appointment – they are not meant for lengthy discussions about your case.


  • If you have an emergency, do not email us. Instead, call 911 immediately.
  • We strive to answer emails as soon as possible, but please allow for 24 hours to respond. If your email is urgent, please include “URGENT” in your email subject line so we can prioritize your email.
  • When contacting us via email, please ensure that your email subject line is very specific and representative of your question, so that our team can easily understand the gist of the email. Once the topic of the email conversation changes, please change the email subject line so our team can stay organized and ensure that your questions are fully answered.
  • Please double-check your spam if you are expecting an email reply from our team but don’t see it in your email inbox.
  • When emailing our team, please include all relevant members of your care team.
  • When scheduling appointments through our online appointment scheduler, you will receive confirmation & reminder emails. Please do not reply to these types of emails with questions as these emails are autogenerated from the appointment scheduler system. If you need to reschedule an appointment, please call or email our team directly or use the provided cancellation/rescheduling link in the appointment confirmation email(s).
  • When contacting our team, please be concise in your questions and make it easy for our team to assist you. Please refrain from lengthy emails! Also note that some questions may require more complex answers that can’t be provided via email… and should be discussed in an appointment or phone consultation.
  • You can schedule your phone consultation or appointment online or by calling our office. Click here to schedule through our online appointment scheduler.